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Undergraduate Programs

We are a major player in life science and agriculture education.


The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is proud to offer degrees incorporating basic life sciences and applied agricultural sciences.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

  • Agricultural Business Management (ABM)
  • Agricultural Business Management – Biological Sciences/Business Management Concentration (BBM)

Agricultural Education

  • Agricultural Business Concentration
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology Concentration
  • Agronomy Concentration
  • Animal Science Concentration
  • Horticultural Science Concentration
  • Natural Resources Concentration
  • Poultry Science Concentration

Agricultural and Environmental Technology

        • Agricultural Systems Mgmt. Concentration
        • Environmental Systems Mgmt. Concentration

Animal Science

        • Industry Concentration
        • Science Concentration
        • Veterinary Bioscience Concentration

Biological Engineering

        • Agricultural Engineering Concentration
        • Environmental Engineering Concentration
        • Bioprocessing Engineering Concentration

Extension Education

      • Agricultural & Natural Resources Concentration
      • Youth Leadership Development Concentration

Food Science

  • Science Concentration
  • Technology Concentration

Horticultural Science

  • Science Concentration
  • Technology, General Horticulture Concentration
  • Technology, Landscape Design Concentration

Natural Resources

  • Soil & Water Systems Concentration
  • Soil Resources Concentration

Nutrition Science*

  • Applied Nutrition Concentration

Plant and Soil Science

  • Agroecology Concentration
  • Agronomic Business Concentration
  • Agronomic Science Concentration
  • Crop Biotechnology Concentration
  • Crop Production Concentration
  • Soil Science Concentration

Poultry Science

  • Science Concentration
  • Technology Concentration

Soil and Land Development

  • Land Development Concentration
  • Soil Science Concentration

Each department has an Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator who can help you with questions about your major.

CALS Undergraduate Degrees

18 Majors
19 Minors
18 Certificate Programs
6 AGI 2-Year Degree Programs

Our Faculty are World-class

5 CALS faculty are current members of the National Academy of Sciences

AGI Majors

The Agricultural Institute offers a diverse range of degree programs to provide the hands-on educational experience career-ready students need to succeed. Our majors offer endless opportunities after graduation, but it’s important to explore them all to see what is the best fit for you.

Our Degrees Work

After graduation, 43% of graduates held full-time jobs
27% of graduates were pursuing graduate school.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Undergraduate certificates allow a variety of learners to develop a specialized skill set, train on a new subject, and/or enhance their academic experience. All programs require at least 12 credit hours and have been approved by the Chancellor. Apply for each program through the Distance Education website.