CALS graduate Taylor Craig, who attended a community college before being accepted at NC State.

The Prestage Scholarship

The Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship is a four-year award for students demonstrating academic excellence and compelling leadership in production agriculture.

The Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship was established by Marsha K. Prestage in 2017 as part of a family path of philanthropy. The entire Prestage family is dedicated to supporting the college that supports the agriculture industry. This award provides a preeminent educational opportunity in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University for exceptionally talented young men and women who will lead the future of agriculture.

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What Makes a Prestage Scholar?

The Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship is named for Marsha K. Prestage, treasurer and director of Prestage Farms. Since founding Prestage Farms in 1983, the Prestage family has been championing North Carolina agriculture through a path of philanthropy. Continuing the Prestage family’s dedicated support for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State, the scholarship will fund tuition, fees, and books for outstanding students who study select agriculture majors.

The mission of the Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship is to bring exceptional students to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, based on academic excellence and demonstrated leadership. The first award of its kind in the college, the Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship helps exceptional students pursue lifelong contributions to the production agriculture industry across the state, nation, and world.

Prestage Agricultural Scholars will demonstrate outstanding scholarship along with active leadership. They are from rural areas in North Carolina and are pursuing careers in agriculture ranging from sales and marketing to natural resources conservation.


CALS student Susan Jones, a poultry science and agricultural education double-major in the lab testing eggs.


Prestage Agricultural Scholars earn excellent grades in challenging courses. They are inquisitive, think critically and seek learning opportunities outside the classroom.

CALS Agricultural Institute student Roman Lawrence.


Prestage Agricultural Scholars demonstrate leadership and an interest in agriculture, either in formal roles in organizations such as 4-H and FFA, or informally by excelling in competitive or creative endeavors.

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One scholarship will be awarded in 2018 to an outstanding high school senior for undergraduate study in select disciplines in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State. The recipient will receive an award covering full tuition, fees, and book costs—up to a $10,000 annual value—for up to four years at NC State.

Qualifications to be invited to apply for the scholarship. Emphasize that it’s invitation only. For more information on the selection process, direct users to the application page.

One student will be selected per academic year

  • A North Carolina resident from a rural location
  • Strong academic merit – 3.9 unweighted GPA, 1200 SAT (math and critical reading combined), or 27 ACT (composite)
  • Evidence of leadership activities in agriculture
  • Major in an area of Production Agriculture – example majors include:
    • Agricultural Business Management
    • Agricultural Education
    • Agricultural & Environmental Technology
    • Animal Science (not pre-veterinary intent)
    • Biological & Agricultural Engineering intent
    • Extension Education
    • Poultry Science

View our application page to learn more about the selection and application process and to start your application.

Apply for the Prestage Scholarship
Unveiling the naming of the Prestage Family Dept of Poultry Science in 2012


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Prestage Family Gift Helps CALS Fulfill the Land-Grant Mission


For more information on the Prestage Scholarship, visit our FAQ page or contact Robin Clements.

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